VORT3X #1 NA Atlas Company

VORT3X #1 NA Atlas Company

We have made it team! VORT3X is the number 1 Atlas company on the NA Colonies server!


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What makes VORT3X different

Our company is comprised of many individual players and sub companies merged into one umbrella that all works together to make what is VORT3X today.

We allow personal buildings, personal locked storage, & pin coded access only you know. This provides security and peace of mind to know your stuff is not to be stolen by the every day thief inside most companies. The group of individual members trade with each other to acquire what they might need but dont have the time or skills to complete. This creates a great economy within our own company allowing crafters, treasure hunters, whalers, breeders, or any specific skill you might enjoy to focus a specific trade while still getting a full well rounded experience using materials & equipment other skilled members have to offer.

Although we allow more individual personality than most companies our admins work hard to provide company resources, company ships, & company buildings that all members can use beyond their personal structures. The admins take the bulk of the every day grind away from the members allowing our members to have more fun with the better parts of the game without worry.

As a team we come together to protect our home, fight out enemies, trade with allies, & rule the world of Atlas.

How VORT3X became #1

Lets be real, the algorithm for top companies in Atlas doesn’t seem to represent what contributes to a top company. From the limited knowledge we know most or all of the factors to be top 5 is based simply on owned island points.

As easy as this seems to acquire top 5 rank it does take a good company to claim, maintain costs, and defend long term. We  have seen many companies come and go off the top 5 list but VORT3X has held our spot on the list for a couple weeks now. This is thanks to our individuals who come together as a company to take ownership of each task required to maintain our status and put in the daily work required. A feat most companies are not able to handle for more than a few days.

Interested in joining VORT3X?

Visit our Public Discord for details