New Rust Server | Free VIP

New Rust Server | Free VIP

We are happier than ever to announce our latest addition of hosted servers: RUST!

New VORT3X RUST Server

VORT3X has been successfully hosting ARK servers for over 2 years with at the peak over 200 player population at one time. While we are working on Minecraft mini games servers, a long term project, we are really excited to offer our first RUST server. (Free of course)

To celebrate our new servers we give EVERY new player a free VIP pass for their first week online!

This code never expires, however it can only be used once per steam ID & IP address

This first server will take some time and tweaks to get it just right for our community, so all suggestions are highly valued over the next few weeks. Become a part of this new adventure with VORT3X and earn gifts, giveaways, and soon to be real cash prize tournaments within Rust!

Visit our RUST website for Stats, Connection, & Server Info