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New ARK Server Cluster | Now with Advanced Stats

New ARK Server Cluster

After over a year of success we have decided to wipe our server cluster and drawn in fresh players to the VORT3X community.

If PvP is your forte our server cluster is what you need! With an almost vanilla feel with added quality of life features like S+ our servers give you the best PvPvE experience out there.

With the relaunch of our servers we have added an awesome new Live Stats system!

Simply visit and login with your Steam to see your stats like Breeding timers, Crop timers, & Egg timers.
Lost a dino? Now you can get the coordinates of all your tames to return them home to safety with this new system.

No downloads, or special software required on your end at all. This is all hosted by the VORT3X server system and always provided FREE!

For more information on our servers please visit