Note: This is a custom map. Using this server to locate resources will not relate to official servers

VORT3X Atlas Test Server

  • Step 1: Connect to Test Server
  • Step 2: Enter Password (PM BuBu on Discord for Access)
  • Step 3: Enable Admin Commands
    • Once in game after you have created a character press ~ to open console.
    • Enter: enablecheats [Server Password]
  • Step 4: Open Admin UI
    • In console (~) enter: showmyadminmanager

Please DO NOT overload the server on purpose. We run multiple servers and this may effect performance of other games.
DO NOT change server name, IP or any server related info. Doing this will result in bans.

Key Commands:

enablecheats password
cheat GCM
cheat fly
cheat addexperience 50000 0 0

For more commands check out Atlas Admin Command Guides for info