I knew I had my hopes up too high for the perfect game coming out of nowhere!
Yes, yes, I understand if the game runs better and allows for a smoother launch the wait is worth it BUT our crew all got emergency days off work in preparation for a few day grind at launch that can’t be changed.

CPT Jat Sparrow says, in a new Steam news post,  the delay is to, “give the team more time to run through this massive game’s extensive content”

Ironically just after co-founder Jermey Stieglitz said, “”We’re not going to [beat] Blizzard in terms of making content, we’re not the kings of making content, and I’d rather focus our capabilities on building systems, both gameplay systems and systems for players to own the world themselves.” in one of PC Gamer’s interview.

Alright, I will leave the bias work schedule related anger behind and focus on the positives of what can still be one of the best games we ever play.

NEW Release: December 19th, 5pm cst