Atlas NA PvP Kraken Bowl

NA PVP Kraken Bowl – Naval Combat Tournament was the first recognized player hosted event on an official Atlas server. It took place Wednesday March 6, 2019 on the NA PvP server in H8.

The event, hosted by Handsome_Stalin & digital_trauma intended to have the first ever structured PvP allowing teams to sign up for 3v3 & 5v5 ship battles but wasn’t quite organized enough to make that part a possibility.

Although the structured PvP tournament was missing, the event turned into an all out massive free for all on the seas!
Companies like OWO, TPG, Dynasty, Order of Freedom, Federation, VORT3X all brought ships with one goal in mind, total destruction!

With the announcement of all servers being wiped in just a few weeks this event had a “no risk” feeling allowing companies to bring out everything they have into the carnage.

Watch the Kraken bowl from our point of view below:

It came to no surprise that OWO would be the first ever Kraken Bowl Champions as their Twitch streams showed they came out in full force. We unofficially counted over 20 ships mostly consisting of Galleons & Brigantines all working together to be the fighting force needed to win.

Wookiee OWO Twitch Stream

Watch Handsome_Stalin announce the OWO winners on the Twitch clip below:
OWO Wins Kraken Bowl

VORT3X may not have fared well in the Kraken Bowl but we have no doubt the next event will have a different outcome for our team.
With our experience hosting tournaments in League of Legends, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, & EVE Online we just might host the next event in the world of Atlas.