• This is a PvP cluster and this means you can and will be killed by other players from your server or others attached!
  • No complaining to admins about PvP related actions in any way
  • There are no “in game” admins
  • There are “server admins” who will assist with log review, management, and any server related issues. Create a Ticket on Discord under ARK Support

For the most part if you can do it, it is probably safe
Exceptions with Exploits
(Specifics Below)


  • No exploit building under the mesh
    • This includes having only some of the structure below ground
    • This does not apply to rafts, you may lower your structures on the raft
  • Building in high resource areas is disabled via the server
    • If you can build somewhere, you may
  • No blocking Spawn points
  • Single Structure 12 hour Decay Active
    • If you do not connect 2 or more pieces together they will auto decay (destroy) in 12 hours
    • This includes Pillar Spam
  • 14 day Decay timer is active
    • If you do not log in, or go near structures within 14 days they will auto decay (destroy)
    • This is for structures only, not Dinos


  • No Racism
  • No Real Life Threats
  • No Sexual Harassment
  • No Player Undermeshing/Glitching in any way


  • No 3rd party software
  • No External Mods
  • No Bots

We reserve the right to modify any rules at any time

Anyone who abuses the rules will be subject to permanent ban & structures/dinos destroyed. If abuse was detected all related tribe members, structures & dinos can and will be subject to punishment.

*NO refunds for any reason including but not limited to server related problems.
We do apologize for any server related issues. Our team does their best to upgrade systems & manage problems as quickly as possible.