Amazon Prime Day Recommendations for Gamers 2019

Amazon Prime Day always has amazing deals and discounts that everyone loves. As gamers ourselves, these are VORT3X’s recommendations on the best 2019 deals for those who woke up late to the party like us!

VORT3X’s Prime Day Recommendations

#1. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse – $99.99 | Today $54.99

With 3 interchangeable side panels this mouse gives you the ability to fully customize your gaming experience to your needs. Choose between a simple 2 button, 7 button, or even 12 button side panel to maximize efficiency in game.


#2. Fire TV Stick 4k – $49.99 | Today $24.99

If you don’t have one yet, WHY NOT? Well this is your opportunity as the Fire TV Stick 4k is half off today! Download Cinema HD to watch all the best movies FREE, watch your favorite streams with the Twitch TV app, or even play games like Summoners War right on the fire stick itself!

#3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – $1,199 | Today $899

Mobilize your gaming experience with this top of the line laptop with the portability of a tablet. The latest in the Surface series is now on sale!

#4. WD 6TB External Hard Drive – $189.99 | Today 89.99

Sometimes you just need some extra space to store your stream highlights or offload that GTA V game that’s 120gb. Give yourself the room you need to expand and backup those memories. I purchased one of these myself today! -BuBu


#5. CyberPower 1500VA UPS – $215.95 | Today $124.95

Prevent damage to your hard earned computer & accessories with this 1500VA UPS. This UPS will protect you from surges and includes a 5 year warranty up to $500,000 in connected equipment damages.


#6. Logitech Pro C920 Webcam – $99.99 | Today $39.99

This webcam is always a “go to” for VORT3X recommendations on quality and value. Now at 60% Off we can fully say this is worth its weight in gold! 1080p/30fps will get you a great quality without sacrificing stream performance. A must have for the beginner to advanced streamer.

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